Manual automated diagnostic complex (manual track measuring device - RPI)

Manual automated diagnostic complex under the characteristics and structure of controllable parameters completely corresponds to the track measuring car KVL-P, the most mass and perfect model of the track measuring car on Russian and CIS railways.

Automated track gauge (APSH-3)

APSh-3 is applied for determination of track width (gauge) and relative vertical position of rails (level). APSh-3 can be applied both as autonomous measuring tool and as a part of computerized track measurement research car (KVL-P) when performing adjusting and testing work. 

APSh-3 is brought in State Register of Gauges № 43004-09.

Rail profilograph (PR-03)

PR-03 is designed for:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of railhead profile (type: Р50, Р65 and Р75);
  • Obtaining of information, which used at work planning of rail grinding trains and rail grinding equipment and their quality control.
Cross-sectiom profile and switches profilograph (PRS-02)

PRS-02 is designed for statistic measurements of crosssection profile in switches (diameters, blades, crossings, frame rails and check rails) in given sections, and also for receiving information, which used for work planning of rail-grinding cars, rail-grinding equipment and quality control.

One-rail bogie for measurement of short irregularities (TINK-1)

TINK-1 – is designed for:

  • Periodic and current check and evaluation of rail top tread surface condition and side active face of a rail line;
  • Evaluation of irregularities in joints of jointed track and continuous welded railroad track;
  • Obtaining of information used at planning of rail grinding work;
  • Control of rail grinding trains and rail grinding equipment operation

TINK-1 can be used at railroad transport, municipal rail transport a (except monitoring of groove rails), as well as at rail manufacturers.

Corrugated rail wear indication double track bogie (TIVIR-03)

TIVIR-03 is designed for:

  • periodic routine inspection and state estimate of rail top running surface;
  • acquisition of information used for planning of grinding work;
  • quality control of rail-grinding trains and rail grinding equipment.

TIVIR-03 can be applied at railroad transport, municipal rail transport (except for monitoring of groove rails), as well as at rail manufacturers.

Automated rails geometrics gage (IGRA-01)

IGRA-01 is designed for:

  • Incoming inspection of rails geometric parameters conformity to normative documents at the rails welding factories (RSР) prior welding operation;
  • Outgoing inspection of the geometric parameters and welded joints of rails in the RSP environment.