Information and measuring system INFOTRANS-Velaro Rus

Integration of diagnostic systems into Velaro Rus (SAPSAN) passenger train in order to obtain the most relevant information for the high-speed track condition diagnostics

Monitoring system of rails geometry

The system is designed for the control of rails parameters on the way:

  • actual profiles of rails heads,
  • constructive rail-cant;
  • inclination of the roll surface of rails;
  • wears of rails heads,
  • short irregularities on the roll surface of rails with delivery of recommendations about polishing (for RShP).
Monitoring system of railroad track geometry

The monitoring system of railway track geometry allows you to define the parameters of geometry of the railway track:

  • Trackways relative position by height (level);
  • Railway width (gauge);
  • Each trackway deflection in horizontal plane (alignment);
  • Each trackway deflection in vertical plane (sagging);
  • Long irregularities in profile and in plane.
Monitoring system of railjoints condition and rails temperature

The system is intended for monitoring of the parameters of rail joints and rails temperature, and provides:

  • values of joint gaps;
  • values of vertical step in the joints;
  • values of joints overlap;
  • two or more united or stretched joints in succession;
  • temperature of each rail.

Georadar system is designed to:

  • estimation of impurity of large ballast;
  • definition of wetland sites of road bed;
  • definition of the geometric parameters of structural layers of the railway track;
  • monitoring of the development of deformability (the availability and development of ballast hollows);
  • acceptance of railway track sections after repairs (the conformity of large ballast with requirements for depth, uniformity, availability and length of the separating layers).
Video surveillance systems

Video surveillance systems provide a record of rails condition, elements of overhead contact system, railway crossings, bridges, embankments, railway track in general and the surrounding area with reference to the railway coordinate and synchronization with the information from other measurement systems. Video surveillance system at the ADK-I “ERA” is realized with using of 2 cameras and includes – camera of video surveillance and camera of detailed video control of railway track elements.

Spatial scanning system

Spatial scanning system provides:

  • the control of clearances of structure approach and intertrack space;
  • the control of dimensions of bridges and tunnels;
  • the control of ballast section condition and road level condition;
  • the additional control tasks.
Video control system

Video control systems provides control of rails condition, rail fastenings, sleepers (over the entire width of the railway track) and provides automatic detection of:

  • warning marks and determination of the value of lengthwise displacement,
  • bolted joints and determination of the value of gaps,
  • welded joints,
  • defects on the roll surface and determination of their sizes,
  • diagram of sleepers, perpendicularity of sleepers to the axis of railway track,
  • condition of sleepers.
The control of overhead contact system condition

The control of the overhead contact system is designed for monitoring and automated evaluation of the technical condition of the overhead contact system and for data recording in a signals database from two cameras (thermal and ultraviolet) with high resolution.

The control of the system of automation and telemechanics

The control of the systems automation and telemechanics is designed to diagnose the state of railway automation and telemechanics.

The control of the train radio communication

The control of the train radio communication is designed to control and diagnostic of signals being transmitted by radio channels in different ranges and to generate a report about condition of the train radio communication.