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General Director INFOTRANS


Dear colleagues and partners!

For 30 years INFOTRANS has successfully worked in the market of transport innovation technologies. During these years, it succeeded to take a key position in developing science consuming technical product for the transport industry.

Scientific and technical capabilities and an integrated approach to problem solving allow the company to realize continuous works on development and upgrading of perspective diagnostic means. A modern experimental base is aimed at developing and optimization of prototypes. Also, a reliable and stable production provides products manufacturing at the level of modern quality requirements.

We are proud of our production and reputation as a responsible business partner manufacturing the equipment on a level with the highest world’s standards and focused on solving real problems of the consumer.

We are glad to every customer and appreciate your trust. The quality of our products is a result of our expertise, dedication, energy and passion to work of everyone in our company.

With hope for mutually beneficial cooperation
Sincerely yours,


Activity Directions

Production for railroads

The main directions of the enterprise’s activity are development and production of trial and serial models of computerized cars-laboratories of a new generation for railroads of Russia and of the CIS, and not only for rail and contact network diagnostics, but also for the staff training of different railway departments.

Production developed by the enterprise includes computerized cars for all railways of Russia and of the CIS, computerized cars for contact network testing, on-board systems of contact network controlling for motorailers of ARV class, dynamometrical and brake-testing cars, track-measuring automotive motorailers, computerized cars-trainers, labor protection cars and ecology cars-laboratories, carriages for wavy deterioration indication of rails, automated rails templates, resource-saving technologies for track facilities of railroads, others.

Besides INFOTRANS not only manufactures high technology production, but also provides its complete operational support, including repair works, program products updating, staff training, metrological characteristics controlling, searching for and elimination of defects.

Logistical projects

As the last century gave way to rushing development of transport technologies as well as to constantly growing requirements to the goods traffic speed, we can mark the increasing importance of overland means of communication: automobile, railway roads as well as air ways for trans-continental trade communication.

Since 1995 INFOTRANS fulfills functions of a consulting firm on transport logistics projects developed by the Samara region Government. Now by the order of the Samara region INFOTRANS together with specialists of Scientific center of complex problems of transport (NCKTP) of the Russian Federation Ministry of transport continues to work at development of the Samara transport consolidating center (TCC). This center consists of transport infrastructure objects, such as railway stations, ports, multimodal terminals as well as railway trains, goods transferring and all processes management.

The Samara TCC must ensure effective processing of cargo flow that pass the Samara region territory at the joint of international transport corridors “Transsib” and “North-South”.

Information systems

Among the main activity directions of the enterprise there are research, development and introduction of modern information technologies for automation of transport enterprises’ work management in the region and also of state and commercial organizations.

Computer technologies developed in INFOTRANS may on customer’s demand include the most up-to-date organizational and economic methods of management. One of services in the field of informational technologies rendered by INFOTRANS to enterprises with personal automation service is a service of project consulting. It includes training of the customer-enterprise’s specialists in the field of modern means of design, engineering (or re-engineering) of business processes of an enterprise, development and introduction of information system. Such approach gives specialists of the customer-enterprise an opportunity to independently maintain the system during exploitation as they participate in designing. Such an approach has been tested during design of information net for Ministry of labor and social development.



The Research and Production Center of Information and Transport Systems (INFOTRANS) is the leading Russian enterprise in the development and production of innovative scientific and technical products for railway transportation and plays a key role in providing of train safety. The company was founded in Samara in 1990 and built on a core of scientists from universities in Samara along with specialists from the aerospace industry.

The company employs more than 350 highly qualified specialists in the field of applied scientific researches, engineering developments, development of software products and systems, organization of production. In complex it provides an effective activity of the enterprise at all stages of the product life cycle. Business partners of the enterprise are dozens of companies producing modern equipment worldwide. Methodological and technological issues are resolved in close cooperation with railway scientific organizations.

The company’s traditional areas of business are the development and production of a variety of systems and diagnostic tools for railway infrastructure in addition to the development of new technologies for their application. Modern and reliable technical solutions are the result of many years of development, scientific and technical research, and thorough prototype testing. Its scientific and technical potential, coupled with an integrated approach to problem-solving, allows the company to successfully design promising diagnostic tools, while its modern testing facilities are geared toward the creation and development of prototypes. Safe and reliable production procedure provides processing of products complying with modern quality requirements. On the one hand, goods produced by the company are distinguished by modern technical equipment, high accuracy and speed characteristics, high degree of the process automation of decoding and evaluation, on the other hand - ease of use, reliability, unpretentiousness and ability to work in a wide range of weather and climatic conditions.

The company manufactures automated diagnostic tools with a variety of versions to monitor railway track infrastructure, catenary, telecommunication, control-command and signalling systems. As a rule, all monitoring systems are developed personally by the company.

Over 120 of INFOTRANS production vehicles in a variety of fields work to provide for transportation safety in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Estonia, Armenia, and Georgia. The diagnostic systems of infrastructure for speed and high-speed railways have been developed and successfully operated. The long-time partner of the enterprise is RZD JSC.

INFOTRANS handles its products at every stage of their life cycle, from idea, developing of a measuring system, software, and equipment, to creating and developing and adjusting prototypes, producing and certifying stock-produced items, training, repair, and technical support. The company has created an effective system of technical support for all our products. Vehicle Car crews, distance specialists, services, diagnostic and monitoring centres are trained by qualified specialists in the certified training INFOTRANS centre.

The European representative of INFOTRANS in Latvia was established – SIA INFOTRANS – in 2010. A subsidiary enterprise named INKLIMA was established in Germany in 2015 in order to maintain the products of the companies, acting in Europe.

INFOTRANS difference from other companies producing diagnostic tools and supplying equipment „As is“, is that, when we complete a contract to deliver diagnostic tools, we do not just deliver the equipment, but a complete system providing for transport safety. This system is designed to meet the client’s particular needs, and includes both the diagnostic tools themselves and an informational and analytical complex that services railroad subdivisions and the decision-makers for railroad infrastructure.

INFOTRANS long and vigorous history designing, developing, and perfecting the standards for evaluating the parameters for all transportation infrastructures, including high-speed rail systems, has greatly assisted our development, coupled with intimate cooperation with scientific organizations in the industry and their leading specialists.

Diagnostic technologies offered by INFOTRANS, differ from other by integrated approach, based on advanced mathematical apparatus and used the most progressive equipment. Today INFOTRANS expands its activities in the regions of Europe and Southeast Asia. 2013 INFOTRANS won the bid for supplying of the track diagnostic system for the new diagnostic train of the German Railways (DB) at the beginning of the year 2014. 2017 INFOTRANS has supplied the second system.

2015 INFOTRANS has concluded a Contract for producing of a coach for infrastructure diagnostics for the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB AG). This coach is based on EuroCity coach. This projects ends in 2018.

The multifunctional diagnostics train ERA is the best endowed in terms of measuring systems. It is designed to periodically inspect and acquire the entire spectrum of parameters necessary for overall monitoring of the condition of railroad infrastructure, forecast its development, and carry out timely maintenance. It provides measuring of the maximal full range of parameters for railway infrastructure, catenary, communications, and automation and remote control systems. Trains with the capability of running diagnostics on such a wide assortment of parameters at such a high level of automation for processing and evaluation procedures do not even exist anywhere else in the world.

Another product and one of the latest developments of INFOTRANS is the self-propelled track-measuring lab SPL-ChS200 which is built on a converted double-sectioned ChS200-08 electric locomotive. The goal of the development was to achieve automated monitoring of railroad conditions, primarily for rapid and high-speed lines operating at speeds of up to 200 km/h, and with an increased thrust load of 19.5 tons. For the first time, equipment for monitoring railroad infrastructure was installed directly into a locomotive. It provides detecting of behaviour of the track and its components under condition of real interaction with loco moving at high speed. The multifunctional diagnostic train based on the loco SMDL-2TE116 is evolution of this direction and it provides the same functionality like the train ERA. But at the same time it is compact and it also provides measuring of the wide parameter range of the railway infrastructure under conditions of the real interaction between track and loco and under load of 23.5 tons.

The EXPERT system for complex diagnosis and monitoring is a unique development of the company. It is designed to collect data from all automated diagnosis systems, and a ccumulate, synchronize, and process it with the goal of running a later technical and economic analysis of infrastructure conditions, followed by planning for repairs, keeping in mind the track category, traffic volume, and set speeds.

Works are underway to create diagnostic tools, including universal, to control the condition of automobile roads and city rail transport.

INFOTRANS is a laureate and winner of numerous international and industry exhibitions and competitions on the field of products for railway transport.



The company's management

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