Video surveillance systems

Video surveillance systems provide a record of rails condition, elements of overhead contact system, railway crossings, bridges, embankments, railway track in general and the surrounding area with reference to the railway coordinate and synchronization with the information from other measurement systems. Video surveillance system at the ADK-I “ERA” is realized with using of 2 cameras and includes – camera of video surveillance and camera of detailed video control of railway track elements.

The system provides:

  • possibility of viewing of railway track condition on the monitor, as during the process of moving at speeds up to 120 km/h, and during the stop;
  • video recording of information, its archiving for long-term storage with binding to the track coordinate with a step on the path of 3 m, the objects of passport data, switches, bridges and the detected deviations;
  • possibility of viewing of railway track condition on the monitor simultaneously with viewing of the results of evaluation of railway track;
  • possibility of recording of voice comments in real time.

In recording mode, video surveillance system will record the information from cameras with binding to the railway track coordinate.

In data analyzing mode, data imaging of video surveillance system carried out synchronously with viewing of test data from other measuring systems.