Video control system

Video control systems provides control of rails condition, rail fastenings, sleepers (over the entire width of the railway track) and provides automatic detection of:

  • warning marks and determination of the value of lengthwise displacement,
  • bolted joints and determination of the value of gaps,
  • welded joints,
  • defects on the roll surface and determination of their sizes,
  • diagram of sleepers, perpendicularity of sleepers to the axis of railway track,
  • condition of sleepers.

Video control system of rails and rail fasteners designed for obtaining and further processing of video information with high resolution (at least 2 mm) about the condition of the roll surface of rails, rail fasteners, joint gaps, marks of warning sleepers.

There are 2 versions of the system:

  • with 2 cameras, which provide control of condition of internal rail fasteners;
  • with 4 cameras, which provide control of condition of both internal and external rail fasteners.

Special evaluators provide information recording from the cameras, the binding, processing and storing of it for further review and inclusion in the output forms.

The results of video control of rails and rail fasteners should be used to obtain visual information:

  • about the condition of rail fasteners, for example, in places of deviation for rail track geometry parameters;
  • about the condition of roll surface of rails in places of exceeding the integrated parameters of distribution of short irregularities on the roll surface of rails;
  • about the condition of joints, recorded by the video control system;
  • about the availability or absence of lengthwise displacement of rails in accordance with marks of warning sleepers.