Corrugated rail wear indication double track bogie (TIVIR-03)

TIVIR-03 is designed for:

  • periodic routine inspection and state estimate of rail top running surface;
  • acquisition of information used for planning of grinding work;
  • quality control of rail-grinding trains and rail grinding equipment.

TIVIR-03 can be applied at railroad transport, municipal rail transport (except for monitoring of groove rails), as well as at rail manufacturers.

TIVIR-03 functions:

  • Obtaining from sensors and real-time processing of track gridded data on rails short irregularities sag values;
  • Continuous recording of the measurement results at hand-held computer (PDA);
  • View of measure results in mileage function at the handheld computer monitor directly during control or immediately after it;
  • Review and analysis of measure results at the work station in the post-processing mode using special software coming with the package delivery.

Distinctions from the existing devices:

  • Use in the bogie structure of PDA based specialized control and computer system providing for as follows:

– Setting at the specified inspection route section – preparation >of route;

– Obtaining and recording of information about rail tracks short irregularities bends with displaying and storing of information in hand-held computer nonvolatile electronic memory on a real time basis;

  • Introduction in the complete set of delivery special software for consumer automated workplace, which provides following functions in a postprocessing mode:

– Data exchange with PDA;

– Definition of form and depth of on-site irregularities;

– Accumulation of corrugated rail wear parameters in computer data base and storage at various information carriers;

– Separation by three wavelength ranges of the on-site irregularities;

– Preparation of data for setting of modes of rails grinding;

– Performance measurement of performed rails grinding;

– Printing of measurement and analysis results in graphical and tabular form.

The product is certified, it has the registration certificate in the sector of measuring tools field.