One-rail bogie for measurement of short irregularities (TINK-1)

TINK-1 – is designed for:

  • Periodic and current check and evaluation of rail top tread surface condition and side active face of a rail line;
  • Evaluation of irregularities in joints of jointed track and continuous welded railroad track;
  • Obtaining of information used at planning of rail grinding work;
  • Control of rail grinding trains and rail grinding equipment operation

TINK-1 can be used at railroad transport, municipal rail transport a (except monitoring of groove rails), as well as at rail manufacturers.

TINK-1 functions:

  • Obtaining from sensors and real-time processing of track gridded data on rails short irregularities sag values;
  • Continuous recording of the measuring results at hand-held computer (PDA);
  • View of measuring results in mileage function at the hand-held computer monitor directly during control or immediately after it;
  • Review and analysis of measuring results at the work station in the post-processing mode by means of special software, coming with complete set of delivery.

1. Use of hand-held computer, based on specialized control and computer system providing for as follows:

  • Measurement of short irregularities sags with tie to track coordinate;
  • Continuous recording of the measuring results;
  • Wireless data transfer to stationary computer.

2. Implementation of software for stationary computer work station as a part of the product providing for:

  • Data exchange with PDA;
  • Definition of from and depth of on-site irregularities, including deformation in joints;
  • Accumulation of measurable parameters in computer data base (short irregularities at the running surface and active face) and storage at various information carriers;
  • Separation by three wavelength ranges of the on-site irregularities;
  • Data preparation for setting of rails grinding models;
  • Control of performed rails grinding;
  • Printing of measuring results and analysis results in graphical and tabular form.