Self-propelled track-measuring laboratory on basis of electric locomotive ChS200-08 (STL-ChS200)

The development of self-propelled track-measuring laboratory STL-ChS200 on basis of re-equip electric locomotive  ChS200-08 was carried out on behalf  of the Senior Vice-President of JSC "Russian Railways" V.A. Gapanovich for the purpose of automated control of railway track, first of all, of high-speed directions with the operating speeds up to 200 km/h with higher axial load of 19.5 tons.

STL-ChS200 consists of two sections, one of which (diagnostic) is dismantled locomotive equipment and installed:

  • automated information-measuring system developed by RPC INFOTRANS (equipment installation is performed without intervention and completions of the remaining locomotive systems);
  • service module;
  • crew life support system (heating, air conditioning, bathroom unit);
  • additional electrical equipment for energy conservation of the automated information-measuring system and life support systems of the diagnostic section.

The laboratory can be used at any time of year in the temperature range from minus 40°C to plus 55°C.

Automated information-measuring system STL-ChS200 consists of:

1. Control subsystem of rail track geometry:

  • relative position of height of the two track rails (level);
  • rail-gauge (gauge);
  • sagging of the track rails in the horizontal (track lining) and the vertical (slump) planes;
  • long irregularities in plan and profile up to 150 m.

2. Control subsystem of cross direction profile of rails:

  • inclination of the roll surface;
  • head wear (lateral, vertical, reduced and angularly 45°).

3. Control subsystem of the longitudinal profile of track:

  • full longitudinal profile of track;
  • inclinations of the longitudinal profile of track.

4. Videocontrol subsystem of the condition of railway track.

5. Control subsystem of the horizontal and vertical accelerations of the car body and trucks axle box.

6. Control subsystem of remanent magnetization of rails.

7. Connection subsystem in geodesic and railway systems of coordinates.

8. Subsystem for radio channel telecommunication.

STL-ChS200 if necessary can be equipped with additional control systems (spatial scanning, videocontrol of rail-sleeper lattice, etc.).

Especially within the framework of STL-ChS200 project, the contactless laser measurement system of geometrical parameters of the rail track was developed, which distinguished by its small sizes, universality and can be installed in any mobile unit. However, in spite of compact size of the measurement system, all output data can be transformed to any format and estimated by any standards.

In case of STL-ChS200, the measuring results transformed to the standard format of track-measuring car and estimated in accordance with the current normative documentation. Also, this approach allows to detect weakened areas of the permanent way by means of data combination of STL-CHS200 and track-measuring car, received under different loads on the railway track.

The touch-sensitive control console makes easy to handle the control process of the automated information-measuring system STL-ChS200. It provides automatic switching on and off of diagnostic equipment in a given sequence, in accordance with launch cyclogram, and automatically maintains the necessary temperature regime of an operation of the measuring equipment.

STL-ChS200 – is the first domestic diagnostic tool that works at speeds up to 200 km/h, not only for the Russian Railways, but on the whole "Space 1520". The resulting margin of accuracy is a guarantee that the system will be able to provide reliable measurements and at speeds much higher than the 200 km/h.