Monitoring system of rails geometry

The system is designed for the control of rails parameters on the way:

  • actual profiles of rails heads,
  • constructive rail-cant;
  • inclination of the roll surface of rails;
  • wears of rails heads,
  • short irregularities on the roll surface of rails with delivery of recommendations about polishing (for RShP).

The monitoring system of rails parameters provides:

  • monitoring of the amount of inclination of the roll surface and the rail wears (side, vertical, at an angle 45°);
  • recording of the monitoring results for long-term storage;
  • display of the diagram with the monitoring results of the parameters on the right and left rails;
  • display of the actual cross section profiles of the rail heads in the process of measurement and in the mode of processing of the results;
  • viewing and expert evaluation of the measurement results on dimensions of the system;
  • formation of output forms and schedules on dimensions of the system for the planning of the current maintenance works and repair of the way.