Monitoring system of railjoints condition and rails temperature

The system is intended for monitoring of the parameters of rail joints and rails temperature, and provides:

  • values of joint gaps;
  • values of vertical step in the joints;
  • values of joints overlap;
  • two or more united or stretched joints in succession;
  • temperature of each rail.

The monitoring system of rail joints condition and rails temperature allows you to:

  • measure a temperature of joints and rails;
  • realize a fixation of the results and binding of them to the railway coordinate in real time;
  • determine the nominal value of joint gaps for the current temperature of the rails and the local climate;
  • automatically determine the joints with defective content (with a significant deviation from the nominal value of the gap, united joints, constructive and ultra-constructive gaps);
  • view the results of the measurements;
  • create a report about the joints condition.

A universal system of continuous temperature measurement is using to determine the temperature of the rail head. The sensor is placed in a metal box with degree of protection IP65.