Cross-sectiom profile and switches profilograph (PRS-02)

PRS-02 is designed for statistic measurements of crosssection profile in switches (diameters, blades, crossings, frame rails and check rails) in given sections, and also for receiving information, which used for work planning of rail-grinding cars, rail-grinding equipment and quality control.

PRS-02 provides:

  • Information reception about sizes of cross-section profile in various sections of switch in accordance with TsP-774, including:

1. measurement of track width in any place, including switch;

2. measurement of width of chases;

3. measurement of blade step (distance between working side of stock rail head and a non-working side of blade) against the first tie-rod;

4. distance measurement between off-taken blade and a stock rail;

5. distance measurement between front end faces of movable cores of blunt crossings;

6. fit measurement of blade and movable (rotary) cores;

7. fit measurement of blade to stock rails, and also movable (rotary) cores to crossing with wing rail;

8. measurement of transmission curves ordinates of switches;

9. measurement of wear of stock rails, blades and crossings, including:

– Vertical wear of core of collection crossings and unitcast crossings,

– Vertical wear of collecting crossings with wing rail and unit-cast crossings with wing rail,

– Vertical wear of movable (rotary) cores of sharp and blunt crossings,

– Side wear of stock rails,

– Mutual bracing of blade and stock rails,

– Side wear of blade;

  • Definition of real profile and representation of measured section on screen of portable computer (laptop);
  • Introduction of comment and co-ordinate of measured section;
  • Wireless control of product work from laptop and data transmission on Wi-Fi technology
  • Post-processing mode review and analysis of the measurement results at the computer work station using special software coming with delivery package. Thus during post-processing for user are available:

– Possibility of combination with standard profile in given coordinate system;

– Calculation and representation of wear concerning the model;

– Accumulation and storage of graphical forms of profiles and calculated values of parameters in computer database;

– Print of measuring results and analysis in graphic, tabular presentations, and in reports.

PRS-02 includes:

  • rigid batten, which is equipped with geometrics sensor system;
  • platform, which is fixed on the batten and moved along the batten, including the laser displacement meter and mechanical motion transducer, working in profilograph mode (2D vertical and horizontal axis).