Rail profilograph (PR-03)

PR-03 is designed for:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of railhead profile (type: Р50, Р65 and Р75);
  • Obtaining of information, which used at work planning of rail grinding trains and rail grinding equipment and their quality control.

PR-03 provides:

  • Acquisition of data from sensors on coordinates of the recorded railhead profile cross-section points;
  • Storage and accumulation of results in the memory of industrial hand-held computer (PDA);
  • Post-processing mode review and analysis of the measurement results at the computer work station using special software coming with delivery package.

Distinctions from the existing devices:

1. Implementation of hand-held computer based specialized control and computer system providing for as follows:

  • Introduction of the track coordinate of the recorded profile;
  • Acquisition and recording of data on the railhead profile crosssection coordinates with transmission of the information to the hand-held computerenergy-independent electronic memory on a real time basis;

2. Introduction of special software into delivery set, providing at computer work station as follows:

  • Data receipt and transfer from/to hand-held computer;
  • Automatic calculation of the real profile and its display at the monitor with standard and characteristic parameters within the fixed frame of reference;
  • Determination of wear parameters;
  • Determination of the radius of leveling curve of the set profile section, application of angular coordinates;
  • Creation of new repair profiles;
  • Determination of the area of metal to be removed for planning of rails profile grinding work;
  • Accumulation of graphical displays of profiles and wear parameters in computer database and their storage at various media;
  • Printing of measurement and analysis results in graphical and tabular form.

The product is certified, it has the registration certificate in the sector of measuring tools field.