The program complex for analytical estimation, support of monitoring results database and passport data from railroad (PC P)

PC P KVL-P provides automated support of passport database and database of the test results obtained by computerized track-testing cars, working with application software of automated information-measuring system.

It also provides the opportunity to work with the data received from the automated diagnostic train "ERA".

PC P KVL-P is designed for:

  • support of passport data database (PDD);
  • review of monitoring results and state estimation results of rail track;
  • creation, review and printing of reports;
  • creation of summary list of railroad;
  • creation of analytical estimation database (AED);
  • review and printing of output forms of additional parameters;
  • received with the aid of survey video observation system of railway line;
  • video information review about condition of rails, roll surface of rails, rail braces and joint gaps.