Maintenance system of track-measurement cars

Maintenance system of track-measurement cars in a part of special equipment of track-measurement cars is regulated by the “Provision on  maintenance system of computerized track-measurement research cars (KVL-P), manufactured by JSC RPC INFOTRANS, on training and certification of their crew”, approved by the vice-president Vladimir Vorobiev of the JSC “Russian Railways” at the April 12, 2010.

The following services are carried out within the limits of this system:

1. Preventive-maintenance overhauls (repairs):

  • operating repair;
  • medium repair;
  • capital repair.

Operating, medium and capital repairs are carried out in Dimitrovgrad (in branch of a company INFOTRANS).

All types of work performed by repai documentation, approved by the JSC “RZD”.

2. Retrofitting of existing trackmeasurement cars to the level of new models.

3. Technical support of track-measurementcars. Technical support is carried out during the between-repair time by the factory of origin, and includes:

  • cooperation with the JSC “RZD” about improving of the program check and methodical monitoring of the condition of railway track objects;
  • monitoring of the technical condition of track-measurement cars;
  • complex analysis and processing of remarks about the operation of trackmeasurement cars;
  • restoration of track-measurement cars operation in case of failures and equipment malfunctions;
  • finishing of application software and transfer of it to track-measurement cars;
  • consultation of crews on the subject of track-measurement cars operation;
  • operating documentation support.

4. For the purpose of the support of measuring accuracy of trackmeasurement car, following operations are carried out on its calibration:

  • Primary calibration – on the factory of origin in the course of trackmeasurement car output or after its capital repair;
  • Periodic calibration – on the factory of origin or on the concrete railroad department, conductedby specialists from the factory of origin in a year after the previous calibration.

5. For the crews of track measurement cars the trainings are carried out periodically (not less that one time per three years) on the special courses (refreshers courses). For the purpose of ensure the required skill level of workers from track-measurement cars (equipped with BAS).

INFOTRANS has specialized department, which divisions are located in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Samara and Chita to organize and provide repairs and technical support.

All repairs and retrofitting of track-measurement cars conducted at the production facilities in Dimitrovgrad (in branch of a company INFOTRANS).