Information and measuring system INFOTRANS-Velaro Rus

Integration of diagnostic systems into Velaro Rus (SAPSAN) passenger train in order to obtain the most relevant information for the high-speed track condition diagnostics


  • For the first time the diagnostic equipment of such wide-ranging nomenclature is installed on a running passenger train. Installation of diagnostics equipment is performed without interfering with the train standard systems and without losing the passenger seats;
  • The installed high-precision measurement systems run under all weather-climatic conditions at the speeds of up to 350 km/h;
  • High frequency of high-speed tracks condition control allows for efficient monitoring and forecasting the infrastructure development;
  • Diagnostics is carried out under the conditions of real interaction between the high-speed rolling stock and track infrastructure and catenary;
  • The possibility of obtaining controlled parameters and their evaluation according to both RF norms and European standards (EN), which can also be done simultaneously.