High-speed contactless track-inspection station (KVL-P3.0)

This track measurement car opens a new succession of contactless track measuring devices on research car basis. In KVL-P3.0 was entered a new way of getting data relating to rails: all measurements are made by contactless methods. The structure of controllable parameters of a rail track is considerably expanded. Also it is implemented not-destroying control of rails, a georadar-location of a working zone of an earthen cloth,coordinating and geodetic binding of measurement results and supervision (with use of systems GPS/GLONASS). Modern ideas are applied at creating new convenient conditions for using it in life.

KVL-P3.0 can operate as a part of diagnostic complex “ERA” and independently, on a separate schedule.

KVL-P3.0 provides (full complete set):

  • Monitoring and computer-aided evaluation of the technical condition of the rail track: basic geometric parameters, longitudinal profile of the track, short irregularities on rail tread and active surfaces;
  • Monitoring of rail temperature;
  • Monitoring of the railhead cross section and its parameters: canting value (on the running surface of rails), vertical, horizontal wear and reduced wear, and, also, wear, measured at an angle 45°;
  • Monitoring of body, frame of bogie, journal-box acceleration;
  • Video monitoring of condition of rails and fastenings;
  • Survey video monitoring;
  • Data acquisition on condition of ballast bed and roadway operative range by method of geo-radiolocation;
  • Fixation of track crossings;
  • Monitoring of the outlines of track structure (permanent way) and road bed;
  • Monitoring of the sizes of bridges, tunnels and approximation construction sizes monitoring;
  • Monitoring results gridding to track, railway facilities and, also, to geodetic connection (longitude, latitude, altitude) with using GLONASS/GPS type navigation satellite systems.