Computerized track-measurement research car KVL-P2.1

Designed for computerized testing and evaluation of track condition on a real time basis at a speed up to 120 km/h providing at the same time high accuracy.

Important consumer-satisfying quality is all-weather capability, i.e. capability of making measurements at “rain or shine”: at atmosphere precipitation (rain, snow, fog), low temperatures and rails icing. It works under severe climate conditions of the North and Siberia.

Gage system and the product as a whole is certified (conformance certificates numbers are: 050040706 and ССФЖТ RU.ЦП05.Б.02811).

Special Order Functionality

  • Track condition monitoring by basic geometrics (level, gage, adjustment of track, sagging) with extended range of speeds and enhanced accuracy;
  • Determination of sags of each rail in the vertical elevation versus the 17m straight chord at measuring in the point at the distance of 2.7 m from the chord   end (sagging);
  • Determination of sags of each rail in horizontal plane versus the 21.5m straight chord at measuring in the point at the distance of 4.1 m from the end  of   the chord (adjustment of track);
  • Determination of track ratings;
  • Statistical analysis of the track condition (as per the trips over the period up to 1 year, deviations repeatability, deviations forecast,etc.);
  • Real time display of the previous trip data synchronized with the results of the current measurements;
  • Location and detection of tracks crossings (coordinate and type);
  • Location and definition of bridges, tunnels, crossings (coordinate);
  • Automated processing of the total volume of the test parameters and developing and issuing of the accountable figures;
  • Hardware and software self check;
  • Mechanical means for lifting of track measuring trucks for traveling;
  • Upgradability of the previous models into the model KVL-P2.1.

Special Order Functionality

  • Monitoring of track condition by additional parameters:

– Short irregularities at the running surface of rails;

– Parameters of the longitudinal profile of the track;

– Evaluation of the condition and parameters of the rail joint, temperature of the rails;

– Body accelerations on axle boxes of running bogie;

– Monitoring of parameters of a transverse cross section of rails;

  • Obtaining and storage of gridding video information with additional attributive signs (manual and voice marks) on track condition (flash spatter, ballast section, repair materials, condition of the drainage facilities, foreign objects in the track, etc.) followed by capability of selection, computer-aided view and analysis by experts of any section of the track.
  • Monitoring of clearances of bridges, tunnels and approach of structures;
  • Monitoring of outlines of the top structure of a way and an earthen cloth;
  • Sounding of an embankment under-superficial layers and a ballast prism with the aid of georadar-location method;
  • The video control of rails and rail fastenings;
  • Equipment with liquid fuel heating system.