Computerized labour safety car (KVL-OT)

KVL-OT is designed for activity directed on labour safety improvement in all divisions of railways.

KVL-OT provides:

  • Training and check of labour safety knowledge of the railways workers by means of computer-based training courses;
  • Activity on implementation of labour safety advanced experience;
  • Checking of work arrangement and labour safety condition in the railway divisions;
  • Consultations and instructional support for managers, experts and trade union core group on labour safety organization;
  • Preparation and distribution of labour safety information materials.

KVL-OT is commercially available on passenger car basis and has three types of fully equipped rooms:

  • salon-class-room for 10-20 persons equipped with on-board computer-based training system, audio and video equipment as well as with furniture, which is specially developed for accommodation of the above equipment;
  • working space, where equipment for the saloon facilities power supply is accommodated;
  • accommodation spaces (toilet and shower facilities, kitchendining room, 2- and 4-beds compartments with furniture), providing for necessary conditions and comfort for the maintenance personnel, during a long work on the line.

Structure KVL-OT includes:

  • Passenger car, equipped as labour safety car;
  • On-board computer-aided training and control system (BAS OK);
  • Power-supply system for domestic and special equipment;
  • Communication system.

BAS OK is designed on the basis of the local computer network using the principles of the multi-user system with common database.

BAS OK basis comprises “ISTOK-MASTER” development support system for testing, training and knowledge control, widely used in labour safety offices at JSC “Russian railways” enterprises. BAS OK has possibility to upgrade automated study courses on various disciplines both with help of RPC INFOTRANS (by order) and directly by user-teacher.