DC / AC converter inverter 3000

The inverter of series Inverter 3000 is static, transistor converter of voltage intended for reception of high-quality variable sinusoidal single-phase voltage 220V 50Hz from constant voltage in a range from 36V to 80V or from 80V to 160V (depending on model).

Use modern key IGBT and MOS transistors along with high frequency of transformation, provides a compact design of inverters, small weight, high efficiency and low level of acoustic noise.

The inverter of series Inverter 3000 is developed for use on railway transport. It is applied for power supply on onboard computing hardware-software complexes of track-test cars, for  maintenance in power supply mobile systems of railway cars, ships, cars and in stationary systems where voltage 220V is inaccessible.

Inverter 3000 can be applied for creation of power supply local systems at any object, having a constant-voltage source: the accumulator, the generator, etc., that allows to use any industrial  and electrical household appliances (measuring complexes, refrigerating units, conditioners, communication facilities, microwaves, heaters, video and  audio equipment, etc.).

At will of customer the device can be completed with cable and portable remote control at length of connecting line up to 25 m.

Structurally inverter of series Inverter 3000 is executed in demountable metal body. Controls and indication elements are located on the forward panel. Input and output terminal clamps (plugs) are established on back wall of inverter. The inverter can be mounted in 19” rack or used in instrument variant.

The principle of high-frequency (20kHz) pulse-width modulations with subsequent allocation by filter of low frequency of spectral component with frequency 50Hz is put in basis of output sinusoidal voltage formation.

The inverter of series Inverter 3000 has light and sound indication of operating modes, overload protection on current, overheat, short circuit on output, increase or decrease of input voltage, reversed polarity of input voltage.