Automated rails geometrics gage (IGRA-01)

IGRA-01 is designed for:

  • Incoming inspection of rails geometric parameters conformity to normative documents at the rails welding factories (RSР) prior welding operation;
  • Outgoing inspection of the geometric parameters and welded joints of rails in the RSP environment.

IGRA-01 performs the following functions:

  • Obtaining of information on horizontal and vertical irregularities within the range of wave length from 0.05 m to 50 m, geometric dimensions of railhead and its profile (modification)with coordinate binding to rail or continuously welded rail;
  • Giving of measuring results to the video terminal with coordinate binding to rail or continuously welded rail;
  • Transfer of obtained measuring information for further processing and analysis to the IBM-compatible computer in the post-processing mode by means of software, coming with product complete set of delivery;
  • Evaluation of the measuring results according to regulatory documents (regulation on evaluation of rails alignment, rails welded joints in the RSP, specification for new and used rails), formation of electronic passport of rail, continuously welded rail.

There is begun manufacture under orders.