Georadar system is designed to:

  • estimation of impurity of large ballast;
  • definition of wetland sites of road bed;
  • definition of the geometric parameters of structural layers of the railway track;
  • monitoring of the development of deformability (the availability and development of ballast hollows);
  • acceptance of railway track sections after repairs (the conformity of large ballast with requirements for depth, uniformity, availability and length of the separating layers).

Georadar system performs an effective probing of depth of structural layers of under-ballast area and the main area at depths ranging from 0 to 10 m and subsurface probing of the underlying layers.

The results of probing are formed as a radar diagram that decrypted with the aid of specialized software. They can detect deformation of the main area of road bed, such as ballast pockets, ballast bags, deeps, and the violation of depth of the layers of the ballast section.