General Director's speech




General Director INFOTRANS


Dear colleagues and partners!

For 30 years INFOTRANS has successfully worked in the market of transport innovation technologies. During these years, it succeeded to take a key position in developing science consuming technical product for the transport industry.

Scientific and technical capabilities and an integrated approach to problem solving allow the company to realize continuous works on development and upgrading of perspective diagnostic means. A modern experimental base is aimed at developing and optimization of prototypes. Also, a reliable and stable production provides products manufacturing at the level of modern quality requirements.

We are proud of our production and reputation as a responsible business partner manufacturing the equipment on a level with the highest world’s standards and focused on solving real problems of the consumer.

We are glad to every customer and appreciate your trust. The quality of our products is a result of our expertise, dedication, energy and passion to work of everyone in our company.

With hope for mutually beneficial cooperation
Sincerely yours,