Automated track gauge (APSH-3)

APSh-3 is applied for determination of track width (gauge) and relative vertical position of rails (level). APSh-3 can be applied both as autonomous measuring tool and as a part of computerized track measurement research car (KVL-P) when performing adjusting and testing work. 

APSh-3 is brought in State Register of Gauges № 43004-09.

APSh-3 provides as follows:

  • Measuring of parameters (gauge and level)
  • Digital display of measured values on the industrial hand-held computer (PDA) monitor;
  • Storage of measurement results in the non-volatile memory of the PDA;
  • Operation as a part of KVL-P in the mode of automatic data exchange with the onboard automated system (data receiving and delivery by radio channel ZigBee when  performing adjustment and calibration).

APSh-3 structure includes:

  • Mechanical construct performed as aluminum carry-over bar equipped with a folding handle;
  • PDA-based automated measuring system (ASI) with touchsensitive screen, application (specialized) software and geometric parameter sensors;
  • Receiver-transmitter radio module;
  • Applied software which is a part of onboard automated system of track-measurement car;
  • Accumulative battery.