Automated training complex of labour safety (AOK-OT)

The basis of AOK-OT is a program complex ISTOK-MASTER, which is a universal automated training system (AOS) designed to perform a wide range of functions of learning process and testing of trainees in any subject area.

The subject area is determined by the available electronic training courses (EUK), working under this automated training system (AOS).

In general, AOK-OT is a complex of technical, information and software tools designed for the following functions:

  • testing, training, self-checking, certification and examinations;
  • development of available electronic training courses and creation of new one on the subject of labour safety and other informational materials;
  • creation of training reports, archive management, collection, processing and presentation of statistics about the training sessions (studies);
  • information support of lectures, reports, meetings and presentations;
  • information-reference service.

AOK-OT is installed inside of labour safety rail cars and stationary labour safety classrooms at various complete sets. Thus, there is a remote personnel training for line structural departments, if the last one have a communication channel with necessary capacity.

The system (AOK-OT) includes automated workplaces for teacher, students, administrator- methodologist, training courses developer (author), as well as a set of technical training tools,  which may include: videocamera, digital camera, multimedia projector, TV, video recorder, DVD-player and visual aids.

Technical means

The technical basis of the complex AOK-OT is a local computer network, which consist of the workstations for students and server, which simultaneously can performing the functions of workplace for the teacher or administrator, or userauthor of electronic training course.

The server has the ability to connect with a wide range of standard devices (printer, scanner, digital camera, etc.)

Information Tools

The information tools of the AOK-OT are a set of four kinds of databases:

  • databases of electronic training courses;
  • databases of information materials and normative materials with branch and state importance;
  • automated database of electronic copies of posters, designed for use as illustrations during lectures;
  • training video films library.

The quantitative composition of the databases may be different and depends on the amount of educational (training) material and ease of use, for example, by the structural subdivisions of the organization. In particular, for the “labour safety” subject area (in this case, AOK is called AOK OT) has 14 databases of training material, including more than 150 electronic training courses.


As mentioned above, the basis of the software complex of AOK-OT is a certified software complex ISTOK-MASTER (Certificate of conformity No.ROSI.1013.2.643. S0104.2), Reg. No. 2005610924 in the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trade marks. There are MS Office standard tools in AOK-OT besides the  software complex ISTOK-MASTER.

The user-student of the complex AOK-OT has the following features:

  • pass thought an entry control;
  • to study the teaching material independently and under the control of the teacher;
  • self-checking;
  • selection of the examination card and testing certification under control of the teacher;
  • access to the certification protocol (report).

The user-teacher has the following features:

  • initial registration of new students;
  • creation of a list of students (student group);
  • viewing of a list of students, student group selection, viewing of the student group passport;
  • viewing and editing of directories with auxiliary information;
  • training lessons (studies) registration – keeping of log;
  • creation of examination cards and selftraining tasks;
  • issue tasks and canceling of tasks for students;
  • monitoring of tasks performance (execution);
  • monitoring of results of tasks performance, exams by means of protocols (reports);
  • alternative estimation of results (estimation criterion change);
  • review and analysis of statistics of wrong answers and comments for the purpose of further improvement of the electronic training courses (EUK) and methodology of the studies;
  • creation and printing of documents for the certifying commissions.

The user-administrator of the complex has the following features:

  • user-teachers, user-administrators,user-authors database support ;
  • service of databases;
  • supervise activity of teachers by keeping of log and knowledge library support;
  • databases archive support.

The user-author of training courses has the following features:

  • all functions of the teacher;
  • complete set of functions to create new one and develop existing electronic training courses and other information materials.

The main distinguishing feature of the AOK-OT – the openness of the system afforded by the presence of tools to develop existing electronic training courses (AUK) and informational materials and to create new one. The specified property of this complex allows for user-teacher, first of all, to upgrades delivered training courses and, secondly, to create new courses by means of any fragment provided by electronic training courses (EUK) and, also, new teaching materials presented in any form: text, sound, video and animation.

The main distinguishing features of the complex AOK from similar systems are:

  • Modular architecture of electronic training material, allowing to minimize the complexity and volume of work to create new courses and update existing electronic training courses (EUK) by means of development technology of available courses and creation of missing components only.
  • Conformity of system functionality in support of the basic requirements of cognitive psychology.
  • Ability to conduct individual lessons and student group lessons with their maximum activity.
  • Lesson control automation by the teacher with the aid of using the local network and “client-server” technology.
  • Support of the automated electronic journal, reports according to established forms in the company.
  • Automated tools availability for support of the archive.
  • Complete set of modern tools for information representation.
  • Possibility of using the multiple-valued logic for evaluation of answers.
  • Possibility of changing the installed rating system by each teacher.

Maintenance personnel

The hardware and software support engineer and teacher-methodologist should include to the maintenance personnel that to make effective use of the complex (AOK-OT).

Maintenance personnel training

Maintenance personnel training in effective usage of AOK-OT during the training process is carried out in the INFOTRANS on special courses in a specialized class.