Automated diagnostic complex for the monitoring of technical objects condition of a railway infrastructure (ADK-I «ERA»)

ADK-I «ERA» represents the twin-coach complex, each of its two car-laboratories can work independently as finished measuring module and intended for the decision of problems about expanded control of technical objects condition of an infrastructure. It can be completed with various systems according to solved problems and requirements from customer.

KVL-P – monitoring of the technical objects condition of a railway infrastructure (KVL-P2.1, KVL-P3.0);

KVL-ARKS – monitoring of the overhead system condition, automatics and communication systems.

The prominent feature of complex is that each of its two cars-laboratories can work independently, under the schedule.

During one test, diagnostic complex “ERA” provides monitoring of over then 120 parameters with binding for railway and geodetic coordinate systems (GLONASS/GPS):

1. Conditions of railroad track:

  • rail track geometry: basic parameters, long irregularities, longitudinal profile of the track;
  • rails parameters on the way: short irregularities, rail joints, actual railhead cross section, canting value, railhead wear;
  • conditions of rail structure and road bed: ballast section and road bed parameters, geo-radio-sounding, unstable segments identification in ballast section and road bed, rail-sleeper lattice;

2. Sizes of bridges, tunnels, intertrack space and approximation construction sizes.

3. Changes in interaction between railway and rolling stock (measurement of body and jornal-box acceleration).

4. Overhead contact system conditions:

  • aerial geometry (with pressure of current collector and without pressure);
  • dynamic parameters in interaction between pantograph and overhead contact system;
  • overhead contact system electrical parameters.

5. Complex video monitoring:

  • video monitoring of railway;
  • video monitoring and thermovision monitoring of overhead contact system;
  • video monitoring of condition of rails and fastenings.

6. Devices condition of railway automatics (ALS, SAUT, KTSM).

7. Connection and telecommunication conditions (train radio communication).

Realize about 140 parameters of the automatic evaluation and functions of the analytical processing.