Deutsche Bahn chose INFOTRANS as a supplier of diagnostic systems for a new generation of diagnostic trains RAILab. Our company is the winner of the tender for supply of the control system of rail track geometry for DB.

INFOTRANS offered the high-speed multifunction contactless inertial measuring system MIBIS as a control system, which well-established during the operation. This innovative system provides control of a number of parameters (rail track geometry in all ranges of D1, D2, D3 according to European Norms EN13848, rails parameters, inclination of roll surface of rails, rail cant, equivalence of conicity, etc .) on the assumption of the high operational speeds, measurement accuracy and range of measurement.

Inside the technical proposal from INFOTRANS also drawn attention to the user interface, offered automatic control system, used durable solutions of protection from laser radiation impact.

DB specialists were able to assess the technical characteristics of a similar system during the tests of the automated diagnostic complex RPI in February of this year. Then, attention was drawn to the universality of architecture of such measurement system, which allows to use it on a mobile (measuring trains and railcars) and on removable diagnostic devices. Depending on the sensor equipment used in this system, measurements can be performed over a wide speed range (from 0 to 350 km/h).

It is encouraging that INFOTRANS became the first Russian company that delivers complicated, high-tech measuring system to the German railways.