Breakthrough innovative project INFOTRANS-VELARO

The tripe memorandum between JSC "RZD", RPC INFOTRANS and "Siemens AG" about cooperation by organisation of complex diagnostics of the railway infrastructure was signed during the Berlin international exhibition of the transport technic InnoTrans 2014 on the 24th of September. Senior vice-president JSC «RZD» Valentin Aleksandrovich Gapanovich, general director of RPC INFOTRANS Igor Konstantinovich Mikhalkin and the president of «Siemens» Russia, Vice-President «Siemens AG» Ditrich Möller signed this document.

The memorandum shows that the Parties are interested in providing of the high-speed traffic safety for the trains Siemens Velaro "Sapsan" and they are interested in improvement of the maintenance quality of the infrastructure of the high-speed railway traffic.

Undersigning of this memorandum is one of the serious milestones in creating procedure of the innovative technologies for the high-speed diagnostics, it means creative interaction between experts of INFOTRANS and «Siemens AG». This document specifies the concrete project regarding producing of two electric trains Siemens Velaro "Sapsan" equipped with information- and measuring systems for the complex diagnostics of the infrastructure and it strictly defines all milestones of this project: project managing, coordination of the law and commercial conditions etc.

The extra developed and high-capacity diagnostic systems, installed into a high-speed train demonstrate Ambitiousness of this project. It means transfer to the new ways of the diagnostics – independence of the work and maximum automation of all measuring, processing and evaluation procedures. The senior Vice-president of JSC «RZD» V.A. Gapanovich defined this task. The general director of the Direction for high-speed traffic V.E. Andreev provided administrative and technical support.

The following technical solutions provide innovation of the project:

  • Installing of the measuring hardware without impact on standard systems of a train and practically without impact on inside design of the coach by reserving of all passenger seats;
  • Application of the technologies, which ensures working mode in the wide range of weather conditions;
  • Diagnostics is carried out by standard train without additional load on the transportation process;
  • High frequency of the high-speed networks state allows efficient monitoring and forecasting of infrastructure changes;
  • Diagnostics is carried out under conditions of real interaction between high-speed vehicle and the track infrastructure and catenary;
  • Receiving of the controlled measuring data and its evaluation both according the Russian standards and the European Standards (EN) – simultaneously, if required;
  • Full automation of all procedures for control of the diagnostic hardware, measuring, processing and evaluation procedures without an operator.