17.10.2016 «InnoTrans-2016» – Success of innovations
01.09.2015 The future of the diagnostics
01.06.2015 The "Sapsan" will be the first passenger train equipped with the on-board system for infrastructure diagnostics
06.10.2014 Breakthrough innovative project INFOTRANS-VELARO
01.10.2014 Innotrans 2014: World acceptance of INFOTRANS
04.12.2013 Third International seminar «Diagnostics technologies of railway infrastructure»
18.07.2013 Order from the European Union
15.07.2013 INFOTRANS technologies for DEUTSCHE BAHN
27.06.2013 The Fourth International Rail Salon of Engineering and Technologies “EXPO 1520”
11.06.2013 The 26th International exhibition of railway technology “IAF 2013”
11.06.2013 The cooperation agreement between the BWA and the RSPP is gaining strength The BWA is aimed at German-Russian railway project
24.05.2013 Meeting with SNCF
23.05.2013 Testing of RPI on the Deutsche Bahn
28.03.2013 JSC “Russian Railways” scientific and technical council
14.02.2013 The 26th International Exhibiton for Track Technology (iaf)
29.12.2012 Business visit of INFOTRANS to Deutsche Bahn Netz
28.12.2012 Polish railway employees acquainted with the technique of INFOTRANS
28.11.2012 The conference "TEBTRANS-2012"
14.11.2012 Acceptance tests of STL-CHS200
08.11.2012 Team "Open innovations"
22.09.2012 InnoTrans 2012
10.09.2012 Seminar on the Baltic railways
05.09.2012 Videoconference between the JSC "Russian Railways" and the SNCF
24.07.2012 Southeast Asia is interested in the company RPC INFOTRANS